Chief Executive Officer-, Mark M. Wood, is a retired gifted educator with 36
years of experience.   He has certifications in school administration, elementary
education and middle level mathematics. He has a master's degree at Villanova
University and has doctoral work in gifted education at Widener.   Mark is an
Educator 500 Award winner and a  PA Keystone Technology Educator.   He is
a published author on gifted education. He worked with PDE revising Chapter
14 and 16 state regulations for special education. He is an advanced chess
coach and tournament director for USCF with national experience.
Deborah Wood is the Owner  of Wood Enrichment Services, LLC.  
She has over ten years executive experience as head office manager at
the Montgomery County Voter Registration Office. She has
experience with data management and informational technology and
has taught preschool in the past. She has an early childhood degree.
She oversees all areas of the company and works on research staff
development, and marketing  as well as planning innovative
activities in all four facets of the organization.
We subcontract services of teachers and chess
professionals who are involved in numerous activities
throughout the region.  We are looking for certified
professionals with at least five years experience in their
field with all four background clearances as required by
About Wood Enrichment Services
Ruth Weiler is our administrative assistant.  She works in the office
assisting the president organizating activities and general clerical
work.    As a former independent business owner, she has the
experience to work in organizational management.