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"Enriching the Lives of Children, Through Education."
Wood Enrichment Services, LLC
"Enriching the Lives of Children, Through Education."
Wood Enrichment Services, LLC
"Enriching the Lives of Children,
Through Education."
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Six Ancient Civilizations
There were six major eastern hemisphere cultures that flourished in 500 BC. Mesopotamians, found between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in present day Iraq, are the oldest culture known to man with heritage as old as 7000 BC. There were two cultures that have a long heritage. Egyptians were known has master buildings and traders and were one of the longest dominant societies that prospered from 3000 BC until the early first century. The Chineese civilization lasted the longest. The Chinese Culture is still around today, and it began somewhere around 2200 BC. Several cultures are specialists in various activities.Greece developed an appreciation for the arts and theater. The Romans were wariers that were just starting to develop a huge empire that extented along both sides of the Meditterian Sea several hundred years later. Romans from 1000 BC to 500 BC. The two oldest cultures have middle eastern influence. The Indian Culture in Indus River Valley and .

Ancient Civilizations for Kids


Romans spent a lot of time fighting for land. At one time, Roman controlled almost all land along the Mediterranean Sea. This site will describe Rome from 1000 b.c.until 476 a.d.


There were three Greek Ages, The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. These ages were from the earliest recorded history at 20,000 900 bc. reece was like any other ancient culture except for its unique style of architecture. Before 2000 b.c. Greece was very profitable. In the later years, the Greek Empire started to fall apart in a time called The Dark Ages. For a time, the Roman Empire took over the region.


In this section, you will see different levels for different ages.They will all have different things to show about ancient Egypt, as it was not always modern like it is today.


Mesopotamia was the land in the Persian Gulf between the Tigrus and Ephrates Rivers. It ended when irrigation caused the arid region to have too salty a soil for survival. This area is now in Iraq and is not a good place to live.


The Indus cuture is one of the oldest in the world. The civilization is located in the areas of Northern India and Pakistan at the base of the Himalyas.

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