Wood Chess of Central Pennsylvania is an affiliate of the United
    States Chess Federation, a non-profit organization.  The
    organization, founded in 2008, specializes in teaching chess for
    players of all ages.   We work with schools, scholastic groups,
    collegiate programs and retirement facilities within  a 50 mile
    radius of Lancaster in central Pennsylvania.  We provide
    individualized instruction, rated tournaments and special
    events.  As an organization, we donate a lot of the services to
    various groups.  We are  sponsored by Wood Enrichment
    Services, a Limited Liability Company.
                  President - Mark M. Wood   
    Mark is a retired gifted educator, teacher,
    administrator, with 30 years experience as a teacher,
    administrator and chess professional.  His master's
    degree from Villanova University focused on Educational
    Administration.   He is a National Chess Coach and a
    member of the USCF Scholastic Committee.  He is a chess
    tournament director that has participated in directing
    two national scholastic championships in Tennessee.  
    Mark was also the assistant chief director for the US
    Blind Championship in Kansas.  He has recently directed
    over 75 tournaments in Pennsylvania.              
  • Public Clubs are open during winter, summer, and fall sessions
    and meet 30 weeks a year.   We meet in Annville (Mon), Berks
    (Tues),  New  Holland (Wed),  Hershey (Thurs),  Lancaster (Sat) ,
    and Mechanicsburg (Sun).  Students enrolled can attend club in
    any location with chess account.  In addition we have private
    clubs in retirement centers, schools and collegiate clubs that are
    held throughout the year.    Public
  • The mission of Wood Chess Services is to develop a student's
    intellectual  potential through chess actvities.   Instructionaal
    lessons and tournament participation will encourage risk taking,
    leadership by higher level thinking and social skills.
2018 -  Second in State in 7-12 U1000, 7-12 U1300
2017 -  State Champion in K-6 U800  & K6 U500
2016 -  State Champion in 7-12 U1000 and K6 U700
2016 -  Second in State in K-6 U600, K-12 Open, K-6 Open, & K-6 U600
2015 -  State Champion in K-6U800
2014 -  Second in State  K-6 Opend in Stat    
2013 -  State Champion K-3 Open
2012 -  Second in State in K-6 Open & K-3
         Vice President - Joseph S. Weber
  • Joe is a retired electrical technician with advanced
    problem skills.   He is a lifetime member of the USCF who
    has played in over 200 tournaments in his 40 year chess
    career.   Joe was the head chess coach at the Conestoga
    Valley High School  for seven years. Currently, Joe is a
    certified Scholastic Coach and Level II Tournament
    Director. He currently instructs advanced students and
    helps direct Quad, Swiss and Bughouse tournaments.
  • Wood Chess of Central PA, A Division of Wood Enrichment Services, LLC
  • 238 Delp Road Lancaster, PA 17601  Phone: (717) 475- 6473   Fax (717) 945-5527
  • Website:  http://woodchess.org      Facebook:  http://facebook.com/woodchess.org
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